Reputation Marketing

What do you think is the #1 marketing service EVERY business needs?

Maybe you thought:

Lead Generation

Social Media

Facebook Ads

Mobile Marketing

Traffic Retargeting

Yeah. All those are great marketing services, but businesses don’t need them … think about that for a moment. They don’t need them. That should be a big aha moment for you.

I want to show you some new trends that are happening right now with 89% of consumers.

89% of Consumers Read Businesses’ Responses to Reviews

~ Bright Local Survey

It’s not just reviews, but the responses to those reviews. Nine out of every 10 consumers are now saying they want to see the responses from the business.

What’s more shocking?

85% of consumers say local reviews older than three months aren’t relevant. They don’t matter anymore.

You could have a hundred reviews online, but if you don’t have any in the next three months, you might as well just delete all those hundred.

Displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%

Brand new stats by Spiegel Research show that the higher the priced product, the more important the reviews are, which can then get conversions of 380%

The Conversion Strategy

So that means that if a business is making 1 million dollars in revenue. They could go to 2 or 3 million dollars just by doing one simple thing …

And we call this conversion strategy, Reputation Marketing, but we put an incredible spin out on it.

Can’t wait to show you here, because this is leveraging the power of review sites and social media together.

Reputation Marketing

A field that’s really evolved the last few years

It’s a hybrid of Reputation Management and Brand Marketing.

What we’ve done is put these two strategies together into a brand new, completely unique strategy that helps businesses build their five-star reputation and then market that reputation to get more customers.

One of the biggest strategies

Out of all the things that are out there, content marketing is one of the biggest strategies to market right now. All the big business and the fortune 1000 companies are blogging. They’re also putting content out on social media, but the best form of content to market is your own reputation.

If you think about all things a business should market, they need to start first with their own reputation.